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Rising damp has the potential to cause serious problems. This is because it affects the base of the ground floor walls of your home. This can weaken their structural capabilities. The strength of timber, masonry and plaster may be reduced due to being wet, or after infestation with insects, wet rot or dry rot. Additionally, continuously damp conditions encourage the growth of fungi. If you inhale their spores you could damage your health. If you suspect your property is suffering from rising damp get in touch with us immediately.

Damp proof course work involves removal of plaster from damp affected walls by mechanical breaker and drilling of the walls to inject the DPC solution. This is a dusty and noisy operation and therefore please be advised that it would be advisable to vacate the areas where treatment is being carried out during the course of the works.

Injection Damp-Proof Course

To treat damp we provide a chemical based solution that involves drilling a series of holes at an appropriate height above external ground level but below interior floor level, and injecting the holes with a special silicone resin which is water repellent. To ensure the success of the injected damp course and to comply with the relevant code of practice, the interior plaster may also need to be replaced.

Tanking Damp Proofing for Cellars

If you have a damp or flooding problem in a basement or celler, we can provide a solution called "Tanking". Tanking is the installation of a cavity draining membrane within your basement that is very effective at helping to prevent rising damp from spreading within a basement or cellar. In most instances, the cavity membrane will handle most rising damp problems, and can actually cope with a substantial volume of water providing the captured water can actually be drained away efficiently.

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